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William IV : A King at Sea

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Penguin have brought together some of the country's best historians to tell the story of our kingdom through these innovative, provocative histories of Britain's rulers. From Athelstan to Elizabeth II (and including Cromwell) each book offers a pacey narrative of the dramatic events and twists of fate that shape our monarchy and an original take on stories we think we know well.

William IV: A King at Sea believed himself to be a great naval commander but is now, perhaps, best known for his riotous life as a young man and for living for twenty years with the actress Mrs Jordan, with whom he had ten children. The naval historian Roger Knight relishes the follies of one of our most unsuitable monarchs.


Roger Knight - Historian and award-winning author

Roger Knight’s career as a museum curator and historian has spanned more than forty years, comprising curatorial and research roles at the National Maritime Museum and subsequently at the Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich. Since late 2014 he has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

On 25 June 2014 Roger Knight was presented with the Caird Medal, awarded annually by the National Maritime Museum Greenwich for ‘conspicuously important work in the field of the Museum’s interests and is of a nature which involves communicating with the public’. His lecture at the presentation of the medal was entitled ‘The Influence of Museum Experience on the Writing of History’. The text can be found in the ‘Articles’ section of this website.

Roger Knight Photo - Jochen Braun